Mens Health support in Withington, Old Moat & Fallowfield

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Mens Health support in Withington, Old Moat & Fallowfield

Are you having difficulty accessing support for non-health related issues? This could mean financial, social isolation or needing more support at home. It can be confusing to know who can help.

Take a look at this Helping Hands link for advice

If you still need support request a call from an NHS Care Navigator by ringing Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, on 0300 303 9650 or email:[email protected] please provide as much detail as you can about the support you need and they can help connect you to the best services for you.

If you aren’t too sure about accessing support services but would like to connect with other men from across the city, check out the Mandem Meetup. They are a Manchester based men’s peer network that aims to break stigma and build brotherhoods. All of their interventions are free so that there’s one less barrier to access for any men who feel they want to be a part of their community.

For more information on what the Mandem Meetup do and to get involved, please visit their website. The feedback from people accessing the group is fantastic: