Enhanced Services Appointments

Did you know there are lots of ways that you can access appointments with healthcare professional through the practice?

A traditional GP appointment at the practice is not always the most appropriate way to get the best treatment.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with services we have available.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service –Local pharmacist can treat lots of conditions via a telephone appointment.

  • Conditions that could be treated by the pharmacists include the following – Acne, Spots and Pimples, Knee or Lower Leg Pain or Swelling, Allergic Reaction, Lower Back Pain, Ankle or Foot Pain or Swelling, Lower Limb Pain or Swelling, Arm Pain or Swelling Mouth Ulcers, Athlete’s Foot, Rectal Pain, Swelling, Lump or Itch, Bites or Stings (Insect or Spider) Shoulder Pain, Blisters, Skin Rash, Cold or Flu, Sleep Difficulties, Constipation, Sore Throat and Hoarse Voice, Cough, Tiredness (Fatigue), Diarrhoea, Toe Pain or Swelling, Earache, Ear Discharge or Ear Wax, Vaginal Discharge, Eye (Red or Irritable), Vaginal Itch or Soreness,  Eye  (Sticky or Watery) Vomiting, Hair Loss, Wound Problems – management of dressings, Headache, Wrist, Hand or Finger Pain/Swelling, Hip, Thigh or Buttock Pain or Swelling.

Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment Scheme (Self-Referral) No consultation required

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals named on a current HC2 charges certificate.
  •  Individual or their partner receives Income Support, Income based Job seekers Allowance or Income related Employment and Support allowance, or the person is a young person under the age of 20 who is dependent on someone receiving those benefits.
  • Universal Credit where entitlement to free prescriptions is stated on the Universal Credit award notice.
  • Conditions that could be treated by the pharmacists include the following – Allergy 2+, Athletes foot 6mnth+, Atopic Eczema 6mnth+, constipation 18+, Contact Dermatitis 6mnth+, Diarrhoea 1+, Dry Eyes 12+, Ear Wax 12+, Otitis Externa 12+, Fever 2mnth+, Head Lice 6mnth+, Indigestion & Heartburn 18+, Insect Bites & Stings 1+, Mouth Ulcers 1+, Nappy Rash 1mnth-4yr, Pain including teething 3mnth+, Threadworm 2+, Oral Thrush 4mnth+, Vaginal Thrush 16+.

First Contact Physio – We have a physiotherapist in the practice one day a week (this is usually on a Friday). If you are suffering with any of the following conditions you can book in directly with the physio, this will save you waiting to speak to a GP.           

  • Conditions that could be treated by the physio include the following –

All soft tissue injuries – upper and lower limb, Sprains, strains or sports injuries, Arthritis – any joint, Possible problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons or bone e.g tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, Spinal pain including lower back pain, thoracic and neck pain, Spinal pain including arm / leg symptoms +/-, neurological symptoms e.g pins and needles, Mobility changes, Post orthopaedic surgery.

Mental Health Practitioner – We have a Mental Health Practitioner in the practice one day a week (this is usually on a Thursday). If you are suffering with any of the following conditions, you may be booked in for an appointment with our Mental Health Practitioner.    

  • Inclusion criteria for treatment with the Mental Health Practitioner –
  • 18+ years old and not currently open to secondary mental health services, Mood / anxiety / suicidal thoughts / psychosis / personality disorder / eating disorder, co-occurring MH with LD / Autism, First presentation MH problems.

Minor Eye Condition Service (MECS) (Self-Referral) – This is a service which is run by most opticians, please visit https://primaryeyecare.co.uk/services/minor-eye-conditions-service/ for more information. .

  • Conditions that could be treated under this service include the following • Red eye or eyelids • Dry eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes • Irritation and inflammation of the eye • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye • Recently occurring flashes or floaters • In-growing eyelashes • Recent and sudden loss of vision • Foreign body in the eye.

Extended/ Enhanced Access Appointments – We are working with other local practices in the Withington & Fallowfield area to offer general practice appointments in the evenings and at weekend’s – please ask for these if they are more convenient.

  • Monday Evening appointments available via telephone or face to face here at the practice.  
  • Thursday Evening appointments available face to face with a GP at Burnage Health Centre.
  • Friday – Sunday telephone appointments at another practice in the area (face to face can be arranged if required during telephone appointment)
  • Evening & Weekend Face to Face Health Care assistant appointments for blood tests