NHS Research

At Bodey Medical Centre we are actively involved in research to help improve medical knowledge about illness and so develop better treatments for patients.

The research is all ethically approved and selected specially for primary care to help improve medical care now and in the future.

You may be invited to take part in research. There is no obligation to take part and if you decline it will not affect your treatment in any way.

This practice works with the research arm of the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research, to promote clinical research and offer our patients the opportunity to take part in ethically approved research studies.

Research has always been at the heart of the NHS. Through research we are able to continually improve treatments and discover the best ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illnesses. It also helps us understand how to best focus NHS resources where they will be most effective.

As a patient, you may at times be offered the opportunity to be involved in research studies which the Practice has agreed to support. The Practice’s level of involvement may range from simply having identified a suitable group of people from our database for an external researcher, to being a site where research activity is carried out.

Research is about finding out new knowledge that could lead to changes in treatments, policies or care. There are many different types of research from studies in a scientific laboratory to those that observe and examine people with different conditions or develop new treatments. Research might be concerned with preventing disease and promoting good health or finding out people’s experience of different services and support in the community.

Bodey medical centre is research active. This means we care about research and actively recruit patients into clinical trials. Most of these are performed here at the practice, carried out by doctors known to you. Therefore, you may be contacted by the surgery or clinical research nurses if we feel your participation in a trial may be of benefit to you. Your participation in a trial is voluntary and your care will not be affected in any way should you choose not to take part in Research.